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It is an unpleasant s t o r y. 
Please enjoy this helplessly unfolding tragedy.

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30 days // 24. something orange


30 days // 24. something orange

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Keep Your Deadlines!



That’s some hate mail right there. Sure… we kinda skimped out on a few days and its no excuse. BUT, we’re still a little better than last year’s record. Hopefully we can pull off a perfect record at least once in a GGS lifetime. Today, we got Room Share ch. 9 =]

Help us carry on!

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seirin ft. autocorrect fails

the misunderstandings are strong in this one

And of course, the culprit was none other than

our favourite dbag

/let’s say it was during their meeting, when they painted the wall lol/

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how to take a test: cry on the paper and the choice closest to your tear is the answer

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Don’t use Sentry Pet Products!!

I tried to save money on Frontline by buying Sentry Pro which was on sale at Petsmart. About an hour after I applied this product, my cat started chewing off his fur from his leg (left image) and neck/back (right image). I checked online to see if this was normal, and was horrified to see the complaints for Sentry products. 

I immediately washed my kitty with Dawn dish soap, but he started having seizures about 2 hours later (4 hours after application). He’s been seizing every 10-15 minutes for about 5 minutes at a time, and regurgitates everything I try to feed him. He seems to have lost the ability to walk in a straight line. Needless to say, I am taking him to the vet if the seizures don’t stop within the next hour. 

Now the worst part of this situation is that according to hundreds of complaints (some dating back to 2007), this product has resulted in the extreme illness and often times death of numerous dogs and cats when the product was used as directed. The active ingredient of Sentry products, Etofenprox, is toxic to animals and should not be allowed to be on the market. But it is still stocked on the shelves of nearly every pet store in the country! 

Please keep your pets safe and avoid this product and others like it! Do your research before trying a new product.

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